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Help Page for Buyers: Using the Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide Section Navigation

  1. Click "buyers resources" button on the Home Page. (or click the black "Buy Homes" button on top menu, then click the purple "Guide & Tips" button.)
  2. Click a link from the left hand menu to view the contents of that section. All sections are listed on the menu.

* helpful links: Go to Buyers Guide

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Other Buyers Tips & Resources

RealtyLink has an online library of articles from our RealtyLink In Print listings paper.

  1. Take a look by clicking the "Boards & Associations" black button on the top navigation bar. You can also go to the Homepage and click the link there to Realty Link In Print
  2. Then click "RealtyLink In Print" on the button bar.
  3. From the left menu select "Read Articles Online" to view a list of articles.

* helpful links: Go to RealtyLink In Print Articles

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